Hi! My name is Sebastian, I’m a software and web developer from Westkirchen (Germany), where I live with my wife and our daughter.

I work for a small software company spending most of my time developing line of business tools using the .NET stack (C#, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, .Net Core). I also enjoy writing mobile solutions in Swift/XCode or any of the various open source web frameworks (Angular, Node.Js, WordPress).

I started writing my first lines of code using QBasic and later VB 4.0 around the mid-nineties. I instantly loved the idea of a computer making my life easier, bending it to my wishes far beyond anything Windows applications could do out-of-the-box. From there on I switched to VB.Net and soon afterwards to C#, the .Net and various web stacks.

Nowadays, I enjoy the challenge of finding the right tools for the right jobs. I am a firm believer in software craftsmanship, agile programming and SOLID design. I am keen on staying open to new technologies (currently XCode/Swift, AngularJS with HTML5, ASP.NET Web API and others) while not letting go of the core programming principles and best practices learned on the way.

My web site addresses fellow software developers and those interested in pursuing a career in our industry. If you would like to comment on my thoughts and code, please reach me via twitter or e-mail.